Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal Attends Rozgar Mela in Assam

Northeast Desk, 12th February: Arjun Ram Meghwal, the Union Minister of Law and Justice, participated in a Rozgar Mela/Job Fair organized by the Assam Rifles at 2 AR Gajraj Hall today. During the event, 18 appointment letters were distributed to recently hired Branch Post Masters and Assistant Branch Post Masters under the Ministry of Communication.

Pu Arjun Ram Meghwal emphasized the Prime Minister’s vision for conducting job processes transparently, fairly, and efficiently. He highlighted the importance of new job seekers in India, noting the country’s reliance on them and the government’s commitment to ensuring deserving candidates secure jobs on merit.

Meghwal also discussed India’s rapid progress and aspirations to achieve developed country status by 2047, acknowledging its emergence as a global leader across various sectors. He highlighted advancements in the country’s post offices, including their transition to functioning as India Post Payments Bank (IPPB), and urged Post Office officials to provide adequate training to newly recruited employees.

Additionally, Meghwal sought information about the Mizoram ASI from ASI representatives and assured them, along with Assam Rifles and Post Office officials, of his readiness to address their needs.

The Rozgar Mela is a vital initiative of the central government to generate employment opportunities for the unemployed, with appointment letters distributed to newly hired individuals. Today’s event was held across 47 states of India, resulting in the issuance of over 1 lakh appointment letters to new recruits across various departments of the Central, State, and UT Governments.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the nationwide event via video conferencing, addressing the newly employed youth and distributing appointment letters. Among those recruited during today’s event were Branch Post Masters and Assistant Secretaries from the Department of Post, Ministry of Communications, Mizoram. A total of 18 Branch Post Masters received appointment letters from the Union Law and Justice Minister, with 10 males and 8 females among them.

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