Unknown Miscreants Burned Down Bikes Belonging to ‘Gang of Devil’

Guwahati: Unidentified miscreants in the early hours of Wednesday burned down the seized motorcycles belonging to members of ‘Gang of Devil.’

The bikes were burned inside the confines of Bilasipara Police Station, leading the locals to think that either angry individual were responsible for the incident or that police officers may have been involved.

Four gang members were arrested by the Dhubri Police on Tuesday night, including the one who uploaded the video online and the person who caused the collision that claimed the life of an elderly woman.

Two of the members arrested have been identified as Akirul Islam and Minhajul Karim.

It needs to be mentioned that the Gang of Devil had posted a video on social media proudly bragging how one of its members killed a woman in road accident.

One of the rebellious bikers had killed one woman, identified as Sakina, after hitting her with his speeding bike in Bilasipara.

The Gang of Devil describing the incident proudly had said, “This biker killed one and came out of lock-up within 10 minutes.”

“This is the power of Gang of Devil and now we are having party,” the group added.

The incident had sparked controversy over the role of the Bilasipara police.

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