UP: Five including two-year-old found murdered in Prayagraj

Guwahati: A two-year-old along with her four family members was allegedly murdered in Khawajpur district of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday morning.

The incident took place in the Prayagraj city of the district.

The deceased were identified as Ram Kumar Yadav (55), his wife Kusum Devi (52), daughter Manisha (25), daughter-in-law Savita (27) and granddaughter Minakshi (2).

According to reports, five members of the family were found dead at their home in the district.

Reportedly, a five-year-old girl Sakshi have survived the incident.

Sunil Yadav, Yadav’s son, was not at home when the incident occurred. The incident has sparked an investigation by the police.

According to police, the victims were suspected of being hit in the head based on the injuries observed on the bodies.

However, police have dispatched dog teams and forensic experts on the spot.

According to reports, the police were initially informed that a fire had broken out in their home, but when a team of police and fire-fighting teams arrived, all they found were dead bodies.

According to the district magistrate, there was no aspect of hatred thus far.

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