Urfi Javed Shares Pics Of Rashes On Her Legs. Take A Look At This

Guwahati: In yet another interesting piece of news has returned about Urfi Javed.

The actress revealed on Instagram that she had an allergy to wool clothing.

Urfi reveals that “My skin is allergic to woollen clothes, I cannot wear them even for a minute. Even full clothes are a problem, my body is actually allergic to clothes. Now you guys know that I cannot wear full clothes, that is why you will often see me in short and fewer clothes. It is a serious problem as you can see the reaction has spread all over my legs and hands.”

On January 6, Urfi had addressed the recent police complaint made against her, she wore a black lace outfit and captioned her post as Y’all really wanted to see me in handcuffs. Right? Wish granted.”

Recently, Urfi lambasted BJP leader Chitra Wagh for filing a police complaint against her for ‘indulging in ‘nudity publicly on the streets of Mumbai’ and urged that she be ‘arrested’. In another tweet, Urfi also said she knows that it’s ‘bad’ to speak against politicians but then such complaints are making her ‘feel suicidal’.

Urfi has frequently been bogged down in legal troubles in addition to filing several complaints about rape threats, harassment, and even abuse on social media. 2022 appeared to her to be a year of legal conflict because of the numerous complaints and contentious altercations that occurred around the actress and her attire.

The actress doesn’t back down from sharing her opinions on anything and responds appropriately to anyone who criticises her.

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