Violent Attack Shocks Gaurisagar as Son Attempts Father’s Life

Guwahati, 17th September: In a disturbing incident, the accused, identified as Dulumoni Gowala, allegedly attempted to take the life of his own father, Someshwar Gowala, while reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

According to reliable sources, the horrifying attack unfolded as Dulumoni brutally assaulted his father using a machete, repeatedly stabbing him on the head and back. The vicious nature of the assault left Someshwar Gowala with severe injuries, causing him to collapse in their yard, helpless and in pain, as Dulumoni fled the scene, leaving his critically injured father behind.

Quick-thinking local residents who witnessed this shocking act of violence acted swiftly, immediately alerting the Gaurisagar police to the distressing incident. Law enforcement officers promptly arrived at the scene and, with their timely intervention, managed to rescue the critically injured victim.

Someshwar Gowala received urgent medical attention, thanks to the prompt response of the police. They arranged for his transfer to a hospital in Joysagar, utilizing the 108 emergency services. The community is left in shock by this gruesome incident as investigations into the motives behind this brutal attack are underway.

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