WhatsApp updates terms of service and privacy policy

Whatsapp has recently updated its Policy. The New Policy says how user Data is impacted when there is interaction with a Business on the Platform, and provides more details on integration with Facebook. Users have until February 8 to accept the New Terms and Conditions. However, this will not impact Personal chats, which will still be end-to-end encrypted. Head of WhatsApp Will Cath cart tweeted, “With end-to-end encryption, we cannot see your Private Chats or Calls and Neither can Facebook. We’re committed to this Technology and committed to defending it Globally.”

However, Data Exchange with Facebook will take place, and is already taking place. WhatsApp shares the following information with Facebook and its other Companies: Account Registration information (PHONE NUMBER), Transaction Data (WhatsApp now has payments in India), Service-Related Information, information on how to interact with others (Including Businesses), Mobile Device Information, and IP Address.

Whatsapp has also further assured that it is not storing messages. Once a message is sent, it is deleted from the Company’s servers unless it “cannot be delivered immediately”. When a user interacts with a Business over WhatsApp, the content shared will be visible to several People in that Business. For this Whatsapp suggests that users read the “BUSINESS PRIVACY” Policy directly.

While accepting the New Terms and conditions is mandatory for all WhatsApp users around the World, users in the European Union can opt out of sharing data with Facebook. Meanwhile, many People are seen shifting to Signal, which is another messaging app, run by a NON-PROFIT Organization after the New WhatsApp update.

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