WhatsApp’s new Privacy policy come into effect from May 15 : features to stop working if you don’t accept

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy to come into effect from today.

WhatsApp announced that it would not delete the accounts of users who do not accept the new privacy policy. However it does not mean that the users will not have to accept the new policy as the user’s wont have the full functionality of their accounts until they accept.

Here is what happens if users don’t accept the terms:

  1. Users account will not be deleted.
  2. What’s app will continue to remind users to accept the new terms.
  3. No deadline for how long uers receive these reminders.
  4. Over a period of time the users will loose access to their chat lists.
  5. Users can respond to missed phone or video calls.
  6. Incoming calls and messages will be disabled after few weeks.
  7. Finally WhatsApp’s existing policy related to inactive users will apply if users do not accept the privacy policy even after repeated reminders.
  8. Deleting your account is something that users can’t reverse as it erases their message history, removes them from all of their WhatsApp groups, and delete their WhatsApp backup.
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