Wild Elephants attack Villages in Tripura

A group of wild elephants attacked different areas including Maiganga Gram Panchayat around 9 pm yesterday and Friday night. Several houses were smashed by the wild wild elephants. And night raids on houses by the wild elephants are common nowadays.

And in this way the people of that area are still living with life-doubt. However, like other days, on Friday night, wild elephants came to Baluchara village of Krishnapur gram panchayat under Teliamura RD block and attacked houses. And as soon as the locals saw the elephants coming, they started to chase the elephants with sticks and fire. In some places, the villagers begged for wild elephants to be distributed.

It is to be noted that even though the affected villagers informed the forest workers about the presence of wild elephants, the forest workers came to the spot much later, by the time houses were almost destroyed.

Report by Bikram Karamkar, Special Correspondent Tripura

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