Yechury dismisses possibility of hung Assembly in Tripura, claims state’s residents desire an end to the BJP’s dictatorial rule

Guwahati: CPIM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Friday ruled out the chance of a hung Assembly by asserting that democratic secular parties were compelled to unite in response to public pressure to end the BJP’s undemocratic government.

Addressing a press conference this morning at the CPIM state party office in Agartala, Yechury said he has noticed that the mood of the people of Tripura is dark, which is extremely evident.

“I have been here for the last two days for the campaign. One this is very palpable during the last two days that I have seen is the mood of the people of Tripura is shady which is very clear. It is not much of saying that for this policy I am supporting you or the alliance or secular forces. But it is to restore the rule of law and to restore peace and democracy in the state that is the overwhelming sentiment of the people this is very visible”, he said.

Moreover, he asserted that individuals are coming forward to inform him about the assault on democracy and the reign of terror that has been ushered in.

“They are now seeking help from us to end this rule to help them in leading a normal and peaceful life. The people of Tripura want relief from the oppressive rule and they want normal governance. Another factor is that looking at the mood of the people there seems to be a desperate urge to overcome the people’s dissatisfaction against the BJP misrule by big use of money and muscle power”, claimed Yechuri.

Ruling out all possibilities of a hung Assembly, Yechury stated, “If there is a mood of change then there are no chances of a hung assembly. According to me, the change in mood is indicating of forming a new government. There will be no hung Assembly. Who will win or who will lose, but the main thing is democracy must win and rule of law must prevail”.

Yechury claimed that Tripura needs their triumph to reestablish democracy and the rule of law. As a result, they have made a plea for all democratic forces to band together, and so far, the answer has been very positive.

The CPIM has announced that a delegation will meet with the Chief Election Commission of India today to urge him to conduct the election under the strict supervision of central forces and to put an end to the voter intimidation that Tripura has experienced in the past. The EC is the only entity that can guarantee a free and fair election, according to the delegation.

While CPIM state committee secretary Jitendra Chaudhury has asserted that the fact that the electorate has established its own agenda for the election is both highly unusual and crucial this time around.

“Unless rule of law and democratic environment does prevail nothing will happen and BJP should be defeated. During the last five years, they had made tall promises through their vision documents but failed to fulfill them. But this time JP Nadda has released their poll promises in the name of the ‘Sankalp Patra 2023’. In that, they have not mentioned what they have achieved during the last five years except for some very fall claims. Nothing has been done except unleashing the reign of terror and attacking the people and butchering the democracy”, he added.

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