10 Houses Gutted In Massive Fire At Noonmati

Guwahati: As many as 10 rented rooms were gutted after a significant fire broke out in the Noonmati area of Guwahati on Sunday.

According to reports, the fire broke out at the residence of Golelur Ali who is a teacher at Noonmati Refinery High School.

The main fire quickly spread to six rooms that Ali had rented out for rent.

In addition, the flames spread to another four rented spaces that belonged to Siddique Ali who is a neighbor of Golelur.

According to authorities, the flames were fuelled by a cylinder that exploded, spreading the fire.

As many as six fire tenders were rushed from the nearby fire station to the spot and after a much effort they were able to put out the flames.

The authorities on the site also stated that the anticipated cost of the massive fire’s damages was several lakhs.

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