Assam: 3 Detained In DU Ragging Case

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Guwahati: Dibrugarh Police on Sunday night detained three senior-year students in relation to a ragging incident at Dibrugarh University that left a junior-year student hospitalised with serious injuries.

The three students detained in connection with the case have been identified as Simanta Hazarika, Niranjan Thakur and Pranjit Baruah, who were the residents of  Padmanath Gohain Baruah Students’ Hostel .

This comes after Anand Sarma, a junior-year student in the university’s commerce department reportedly jumped off the second story of the hostel to escape a vicious attack by seniors in the name of ragging, injuring himself seriously.

He was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital where he is now fighting for his life and is being closely monitored.

According to reports, two other juniors were in addition to Sarma. Following the incident, the victim’s family filed a report and the accused was then put into custody.

The incident has been taken into consideration by university authorities, notably the anti-ragging task force who have launched an investigation into the circumstances that led up to it.

According to reports, a former university student who was an additional accused named in the FIR was still living in the hostel. However, he was not among those taken in by the police.

Reports also stated that ragging occurrences are fairly common at Dibrugarh University and that the university administration has previously issued numerous warnings. However, without concrete steps in place, it culminated in the disheartening incident.

The chief minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma denounced the horrible occurrence on Twitter and demanded that ragging be completely outlawed in the wake of it.

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