67 out of 119 sitting MLAs of Assam Legislative Assembly are Crorepatis: Report

A report released by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Assam Election Watch said that as many as 67 MLAs out of 119 sitting MLAs of Assam Legislative Assembly have been listed as Crorepatis. The report stated that the MLAs have been listed as Crorepatis with declared Assets worth Rs. 1crore and above adding that the number of crorepati MLAs increased Five times since 2006. According to the report, the Assembly only had 15 crorepati MLAs in 2006 which is 12% and the Number has tripled in 2011 with 47 MLAs listed under Crorepatis which is 37%. The report further said that out of the 67 MLAs, the Richest MLA is Naren Sonowal of AGP from Naharkatia with total declared Assets worth Rs. 33.94 crore.

The Poorest of all MLAs is AIUDF MLA Sahab Uddin Ahmed from Jaleswar constituency, with Total declared Assets worth Rs 1.81 lakh. On average, the Assets per sitting MLA is Rs 2.47 crore, the report said. The report said that 34 (58%) out of 59 MLAs from BJP, 11 (55%) out of 20 MLAs from Congress, 10 (77%) out of 13 MLAs from Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), 7 (58%) out of 12 MLAs from BPF and 5 (36%) out of 14 MLAs from AIUDF have declared Assets valued more than Rs 1 crore. ADR and Election watch analyzed the Financial details of 119 of the 126 MLAs based on the Affidavit details as submitted by candidates prior to the 2016 Assembly Elections and BYE-ELECTIONS conducted thereafter.

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