71 Contractors Terminates By Guwahati Municipal Corporation

On July 12, Saturday The Guwahati Municipal Corporation has terminated the Contracts of 71 contractors over delays in the completion of de-silting works across the City.

The Commissioner of GMC Mr. Devasish Sharma stated that as it has been reported by Divisional Engineer, approximately 25- 30% of the task have been completed so far. It is impossible for the contractors to complete the work within the stipulated time.

Earlier, a show-case notices regarding the delays were served to the Contractors by GMC Commissioner on June 9. Further he also stated in a strongly- worded satement to the contractor that, They will not bec able to complete the work in the given time which will affect the Public health, Public life as well asw property.

As it is the violation of the Nation Inviting Tender (NIT) issued.

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