AIUDF Chief Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Creates Uproar by Throwing Microphone at Hailakandi Meeting

Guwahati, 23rd April: In an unexpected twist, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, the leader of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), stirred up controversy at a party gathering in Hailakandi today by forcefully tossing the microphone off the stage in a display of frustration.

Witnesses recounted Ajmal’s visibly agitated demeanor as he abruptly disposed of the microphone while addressing fellow party members. The incident unfolded amid Ajmal’s vocal critique of three Hailakandi district MLAs, whom he criticized for their perceived inefficiency.

This incident isn’t isolated, as reports suggest Ajmal had previously exhibited similar behavior during another meeting, underscoring the depth of his emotions on the matter.

Following the microphone incident, Ajmal swiftly exited the venue, leaving attendees startled by the sudden outburst.

Coinciding with the tumultuous episode was the arrival of party candidate Shahabul in Hailakandi, slated to campaign for Islam Chowdhury.

As tensions simmer within the AIUDF, Ajmal’s actions have sparked widespread scrutiny, prompting inquiries into the party’s internal dynamics and its leadership’s approach to managing internal dissent.

Observers eagerly anticipate further developments surrounding the aftermath of Ajmal’s actions and the AIUDF’s subsequent response as the situation evolves.

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