Anti Sex beds in Tokyo Olympics

Guwahati: After distributing 1.5 lakh condoms at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, the authorities have now started to build cardboard beds for the athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Village dubbing them as anti-sex beds in order to avoid intimacy among the athletes.

American athlete Paul Chelimo in a tweet shared a picture of the cardboard beds. According to the athlete, these beds can only hold a weight of a single person.

Reportedly these beds are made with cardboard as it can only withstand the weight of a single person to avoid the situation beyond the sports, but these beds have a very sensitive chance of breaking down.

Previously it was reported that free condoms will be distributed among the players in order to raise awareness on HIV AIDS.

However, as per reports, the condoms distributed among the athletes are not for use during their stay in the Olympics but they are rather asked to take those back to their home countries with the objective of creating awareness of HIV AIDS.

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