Assam Man sells kidney to pay off debts

Guwahati: With alleged organ trafficking rackets being reported in Assam, a man from Tinsukia was detained by the police as it was alleged that he had sold his kidney to pay off his “microfinance debts”.

The man detained was identified as Arup Kumar Sinha, a resident of Tinsukia’s Sripuria. As per reports, the man since the imposition of the first lockdown became unemployed and further was had been under debts. He was in need of money to pay his microfinance loan and with no options left, he decided to sell his kidney to get instant money.

His wife speaking on the issue claimed that they were heavily indebted and to get out from this problem her husband decided to sell his kidney.
She added that the procedure was executed in Kolkata in the month of December 2020. She added that the kidney was sold for Rs 5 lakh but they only received Rs 2.5 lakh for the kidney.

She further added that they were threatened by the agents of micro-finance companies and for this, they were forced to take this step.
The case is currently being investigated by the Tinsukia Police in order to track other people involved in such cases.

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