Drugs worth Rs 163 crore seized in Assam since May

Dispur: Drugs worth Rs 163 crores were seized in Assam since Himanta Biswa Sarma took charge as the Chief Minister and formed the government in the state.

Chief Minister Sarma in a program held in Diphu with the objective of disposing of drugs, seized during several operations to make “Drugs Mukta Assam” had set a portion of seized drugs on fire.

The disposed of drugs contained 11.88 kg Morphine, 2.89 kg Crystal Meth, 3.47 kg Heroin, 102.91 kg cannabis, and 2,03,384 numbers of tablets.
Sarma during the program said that the State Government has adopted “zero tolerance” against drugs as it has adversely affected many families posing a serious threat to the future of the young generation. He further claimed that though earlier Assam was used mostly as a transit route by drug dealers, gradually it emerged as a big market.

The Chief Minister added that in spite of strong police action, drug dealers continued to work in connivance with some bad elements within the system. Considering the nefarious design, the Chief Minister said that police have been given full operational freedom within the ambit of the law to act firmly and decisively against drug dealers so that society can be rid of this menace. He also said that the number of drugs seized could be only 10 percent of what is coming to Assam as drugs that go through Assam and offloaded would be more than 3000 crores.

The Chief Minister said that drugs are affecting the social fabric of the state and so there is no question of showing sympathy towards drug dealers. The CM also said that the government is working to cut the supply network and stop the consumption of drugs to save families and the future generation.

He further informed that since the present government assumed office, altogether 874 cases were registered, 1493 drug dealers were arrested and drugs worth Rs. 163 crores were seized in the state.

According to the CM, in the last two months, Assam Police seized 19 kg Heroin, 8276 kg ganja, 14 kg opium, 67,650 numbers of cough syrup, 12,93,000 numbers of tablets, 1920 kg morphine, around 33,000 poppy straw, cash Rs 1 crore, foreign currency worth Rs 13,630, fake Indian currency Rs 6.80 lakh and destroyed 31 bigha cannabis cultivation.

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