Arunachal: Major Roadblock at Yapak Bogu Causes Significant Disruptions

Northeast Desk, 28th May: A substantial roadblock has developed at Yapak Bogu, near the Yapak Bogu Hotel, severely disrupting the local community and travelers. This roadblock has also impacted the area around the Koloriang headquarters of Kurung Kumey district, causing considerable inconvenience to residents and visitors.

Yapak, a village near Koloriang in Kurung Kumey district, is predominantly inhabited by the Bengia clan of the Nyishi tribe. The village, under the leadership of Headman Bengia Chanang, depends significantly on the Payu River. The river is revered as a divine gift from the sun god, playing an essential role in the villagers’ daily lives and their cultural and spiritual practices.

The roadblock has compounded daily challenges for the villagers, disrupting access to essential services and travel. Authorities are working to address the situation, but the community remains affected by the current obstruction. Residents and travelers are advised to stay updated on the progress of clearing the roadblock and to plan their journeys accordingly to minimize inconvenience.

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