Arunachal: Nyokum Festival Celebrated with Grandeur

Northeast Desk, 26th February: The Nyishi tribal community of Arunachal Pradesh marked the joyous occasion of the Nyokum Festival today, one of the state’s prominent local festivals. Celebrated by the Nyishi tribe, the Nyokum festival holds significant agricultural importance in Arunachal Pradesh.

Across the state and in Doimukh town of Papum Pare, vibrant celebrations and traditional rituals adorned the festival, with esteemed guests gracing the event. Er Tage Taki, the Minister of Agriculture and Horticulture of Arunachal Pradesh, attended as the Chief Guest, accompanied by Nabam Rebia, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Tana Hali Tara, MLA of Doimukh, Prof. Tana Showren, President of Nyishi Elite Society, and other esteemed community leaders.

Speaking to the media, Minister Taki emphasized the importance of nature preservation and agricultural prosperity. He urged the preservation of local languages while acknowledging Hindi as the national language.

MLA Tana Hali Tara reiterated the significance of Nyokum as a representation of Nyishi tradition and culture, advocating for its grand celebration.

MP Nabam Rebia spoke exclusively to India Today NE, elucidating on Nyokum’s profound significance in Nyishi society. He described it as a worship of nature, marking the welcoming of the new year and spring season. The festival, with universal appeal, embodies prayers for the well-being of humanity, good harvests, and robust health. Rebia highlighted the increasing recognition of Nyokum, celebrated nationwide by Nyishi natives residing in other states.

The Nyokum Festival, rooted in cultural heritage, venerates Goddess Nyokum, seeking her blessings for abundant harvests and protection from natural calamities. The festival’s rituals span several days, with prime sacrifices and gatherings from February 23rd to 27th.

For the Nyishi tribe, Nyokum is not only a celebration of agricultural bounty but also an opportunity to preserve their rich cultural heritage amidst modern influences. It serves as a reminder of their ancient religion, Donyi Polo, fostering unity and reverence towards nature, deities, and spirits.

The Nyishi community’s belief in the divine presence in every aspect of nature underscores their commitment to harmonious coexistence and reverence for the natural world. As they gather to celebrate Nyokum, they reaffirm their cultural identity and reaffirm their connection to their ancestral traditions.

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