Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee Faces Setbacks as MLA Candidate Roster Shrinks

Northeast Desk, 2nd April: The Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has encountered significant setbacks as the slate of MLA candidates announced by the party has dwindled from an initial count of 34 to a mere 19 candidates. The journey towards the forthcoming assembly election has been marred by a series of challenges for the state Congress, with a notable number of candidates failing to materialize their nominations.

Initially, on March 21, the APCC unveiled a roster of 34 candidates set to contest the upcoming election. However, as the nomination process commenced, 10 of the declared candidates failed to meet the deadline for submitting their nominations to the Congress office. This unforeseen setback immediately reduced the candidate count to 24, leaving the party grappling with unexpected vacancies.

Subsequently, out of the 24 remaining contenders, an additional blow struck as 5 candidates abruptly withdrew their candidature from the electoral race. This sudden exodus further depleted the already diminished candidate pool, leaving the Arunachal Pradesh Congress Committee with a reduced lineup of 19 candidates.

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