Assam: BJP Minister Criticises Congress, Touts Achievements and Promises Progress at Nazira Rally

Guwahati, 2nd April: At an election campaign rally in Nazira, Assam, Minister Pijush Hazarika of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) launched a scathing attack on the Indian National Congress, accusing the party of inertia during their prolonged reign in both India and Assam. Hazarika criticized the Congress’s governance track record, contrasting it with the strides made under BJP rule.

Speaking to the gathered crowd, Hazarika underscored the transformative initiatives undertaken by the BJP government, highlighting the expansion of welfare schemes and infrastructure development across Assam. He particularly emphasized the significance of the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ policy, which he claimed has streamlined access to essential food supplies for millions of Assamese households, a feat he asserted was lacking during Congress rule.

Hazarika also drew comparisons between the housing schemes implemented by both parties. He argued that under the BJP’s administration, housing initiatives had evolved to provide more spacious accommodations at a higher subsidy, directly benefiting the common people. Additionally, the Minister lauded the BJP’s commitment to agricultural prosperity, citing substantial increases in procurement prices for staple crops as evidence of their dedication to farmers’ welfare.

Promising further progress, Hazarika unveiled ambitious plans to distribute Orunodoi scheme kits to all ration card-holding families, alongside initiatives aimed at empowering women through education and entrepreneurship. He urged voters to consider the BJP’s progressive agenda, juxtaposing it with what he characterized as Congress’s legacy of stagnation.

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