Assam: AIUDF Chief Warns of Potential Azaan Ban if BJP Secures Victory

Guwahati, 14th April: At an election rally in Balijan, Morigaon, AIUDF party chief Badruddin Ajmal delivered a stark warning regarding the potential ramifications of a BJP victory in the upcoming elections. Ajmal emphasized the critical nature of the impending elections, cautioning against what he described as a fundamental shift in India’s constitutional fabric if the BJP secures power.

Addressing the crowd, Ajmal expressed concern over Prime Minister Modi’s campaign slogan “Abki Baar.. 400 par,” interpreting it as a harbinger of significant changes. He warned that a BJP victory could lead to alterations in the constitution, ultimately resulting in the establishment of a Hindu rashtra. Ajmal went further, suggesting that such a scenario would curtail religious freedoms, particularly for Muslims, citing the potential prohibition of Azaan in mosques.

The assertion by Ajmal underscores the broader debate surrounding religious freedoms and the BJP’s approach to minority rights. Ajmal questioned the authenticity of certain candidates’ religious affiliations, singling out Suresh Bora, Pradyut Bordoloi, and Gaurav Gogoi, whom he deemed as not “true Muslims.” He urged voters to support AIUDF candidate Aminul Islam as a representative of authentic Muslim interests.

Ajmal’s remarks add fuel to the ongoing discourse on religious identity and political representation, highlighting the significance of the upcoming elections for minority communities in India. As the campaign intensifies, the issue of religious freedoms remains a focal point, shaping voter sentiments and political alliances.

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