Iran-Israel Conflict: Indian Embassy in Tehran Issues Helpline Numbers

International Desk, 14th April: Against the backdrop of escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, the Indian Embassy in Tehran has taken proactive steps to assist Indian citizens amidst the crisis. Additional helpline numbers have been activated to provide support and assistance to those in need.

The Embassy of India in Tehran announced the activation of the new helpline numbers via a post on social media platform X. Indian citizens in Tehran can now reach out for assistance using the following numbers: +989128109115; +989128109109; +98993179567; +989932179359; +98-21-88755103-5; and via email at

The heightened tensions between Iran and Israel reached a critical juncture with an unprecedented attack on Saturday. Iran and its proxies reportedly launched 330 missiles and drones at Israel in retaliation to an alleged attack on a diplomatic installation in Damascus. The attack resulted in casualties, including two top commanders.

In response, the United States, France, Britain, and Jordan collaborated to intercept the projectiles fired by Iran. US President Joe Biden announced plans to convene a meeting of the Group of Seven advanced democracies to coordinate a unified diplomatic response to Iran’s aggression. This marks the first time that Iran has launched an attack on Israel from its own soil, according to PTI reports.

Expressing serious concern over the escalating hostilities, India’s Ministry of External Affairs called for an immediate de-escalation of the situation. As tensions continue to mount in the region, the Indian Embassy’s provision of additional helpline numbers aims to ensure the safety and well-being of Indian citizens residing in Tehran.

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