Assam: BJP Minister Pijush Hazarika Mocks Akhil Gogoi’s Campaign Attendance in Majuli

Guwahati, 14th April: BJP Minister Pijush Hazarika delivered a sharp critique of Akhil Gogoi, accusing him of conducting meetings in Majuli with minimal attendance. Hazarika’s comments come amidst ongoing election campaigns in the region, highlighting the intensifying political landscape.

Addressing reporters, Minister Hazarika lambasted Gogoi, stating, “Akhil is insulting himself by holding meetings without people in Majuli.” He pointed out instances where Gogoi’s gatherings allegedly attracted only a handful of attendees, with numbers ranging from 70 to 120 individuals in one instance.

“Akhil Gogoi is considered a prominent leader. Only 70-100 people come to his meeting. Why does he attend such meetings and undermine himself? Despite being a significant figure, only a few people attended his gathering, with approximately 120 attendees,” Hazarika remarked. He expressed confidence in BJP’s electoral prospects in both Jorhat constituency and Majuli, asserting, “Akhil Gogoi realized today that they will lose in Jorhat constituency and lose very badly in Majuli.”

Responding to Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma’s earlier comments on showcasing Bihu dance during the campaign, Hazarika hinted at symbolically demonstrating the festival’s strength to Gogoi. “On the day the election results are announced, Akhil Gogoi will see Bihu in his eyes,” he declared, implying an impending defeat for Gogoi.

“We will demonstrate the strength of the Bihu festival in this election. On election result day, Akhil Gogoi will witness our victory. In Akhil Gogoi’s constituency, We will win by a minimum of 15,000 to 20,000 votes. This time during the election results, we will show him real Bihu,” Hazarika asserted, projecting confidence in BJP’s electoral triumph.

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