Assam: Illicit Goods Seized in Golakganj Police Raid on Indo-Bangladesh Border

Guwahati, 14th April: In a significant operation conducted by Golakganj police along the Indo-Bangladesh border, a substantial quantity of illicit goods, including smuggled liquor and contraband, was seized. Assistant Sub-Inspector Sanjeev Kumar Nath led the raid under the directive of Officer-in-Charge Debojit Kalita, targeting the Nalia area.

During the operation, authorities confiscated 210 bottles of smuggled liquor from the Nalia market, along with approximately 30 packets of illicit local liquor. Additionally, a raid on the residence of Manik Chandra Roy in Nalia led to the discovery of 1 kg 700 grams of contraband dry. Despite Roy’s evasion, the police detained an individual named Bipul Roy during the operation, signaling ongoing efforts to address illicit activities in the region.

The raid highlights the proactive measures taken by law enforcement agencies to combat smuggling and illegal trade along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Such operations are essential in maintaining law and order, curbing criminal activities, and safeguarding the welfare of local communities.

The swift action by Golakganj police serves as a deterrent to those involved in illicit trade, sending a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will be held accountable under the law.

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