Assam: CM Vigilance Cell Conduct Raids In MP Fund Embezzlement Case

Guwahati: The Special Vigilance Cell of the Chief Minister on Thursday visited to Rangia and inspected a number of the roads that the MP Fund of MP Ajit Kumar Bhuyan had allocated.

The team visited the city and checked the roadways after a section of people against the Member of Parliament and accused him of corruption.

The team reportedly also carried out raids at three different locations in the city.

The team also met the residents and got their perspectives on how the construction project was progressing.

According to information received, the MP had got Rs 16 lakh in funds released for work on three roads. He received Rs 48 lakh in total as discharge from his MP money.

However, the Vigilance Cell carried out surveys along the three aforementioned roads for which the funds were released and it came to the fore that no work had been undertaken on these roads.

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