Assam: East Guwahati Police Foils Attempted Cattle Smuggling Operation; two arrested

Guwahati, 11th June: In a swift operation, a team from the East Guwahati Police Department (EGPD) stationed at the Jorabat Outpost of Basistha Police Station intercepted a truck (AS06 BC 1538) at the Jorabat crossing early on June 11 morning. The truck was attempting to smuggle 28 live cattle into Meghalaya.

Two individuals, identified as Saddam Hussain (29) from Udalguri and Jalaluddin (22) from Kharupetia, were apprehended during the operation for their involvement in the illicit cattle smuggling racket.

The timely intervention by the EGPD team thwarted the illegal transportation of the cattle, which were likely destined for markets in Meghalaya or other parts of the region.

Cattle smuggling has long been a persistent issue in the region, with organised syndicates exploiting state borders to transport livestock without proper documentation and evading taxes.

To combat such unlawful activities, the Assam Police have intensified their efforts, deploying dedicated teams to monitor and intercept smuggling attempts along major routes and border crossings. This proactive approach underscores the authorities’ commitment to upholding the rule of law and safeguarding the region’s socio-economic interests.

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