Assam: Elderly Woman Murdered on Suspicion of Witchcraft in Gossaigaon

Guwahati, 21st February: An elderly woman, Maino Hasda, wife of the late Mosse Murmu, has tragically fallen victim to a brutal murder in Gossaigaon. The incident occurred at Paharpur in Satyapur under the jurisdiction of the Gossaigaon police station.

The miscreants responsible for this heinous act took the life of the elderly woman by slitting her throat with a sharp weapon. The gruesome incident took place last night, sending shockwaves through the community.

Local residents of Paharpur village, where the incident occurred, have shared harrowing details. “The incident occurred last night. A woman from our village had her throat slit. I can’t pinpoint the exact time, but I believe it was around midnight. From what I gather, it seems like a case of witch hunting, as people in the village have been accusing her, saying ‘witch, witch.”

This tragic event underscores the urgent need to address superstitious beliefs that can lead to grave consequences. Authorities are expected to thoroughly investigate the incident to bring those responsible for the brutal murder to justice.

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