Assam: Elephant Census Concludes in Manas National Park Amidst Optimism

Guwahati, 27th February: The week-long effort to count wild elephants across Assam, including the revered Manas National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, concluded on February 27. Approximately 100 forest officials from Manas were tasked with the crucial mission of elephant counting within the park’s vast expanse.

Under the guidance of divisional authorities, foresters meticulously documented elephant sightings using detailed forms, implementing a block-wise division strategy that covered all ranges of Manas. The collected data will now be transmitted to remote analysts for thorough evaluation, ultimately determining the final count of these magnificent creatures.

In the 2017 census, Manas National Park reported a total of 1,034 elephants across its Banbari, Bhuyanpara, and Panbari ranges. This year, the National Park Authority remains optimistic, expecting a notable increase in the elephant population. This optimism is fueled by the expanded area covered during the counting process, facilitated by the inclusion of the new Kuklung range connectivity within Manas.

Meanwhile, amidst Manas’ reputation as a sanctuary for tigers, the annual tiger census recently concluded with the deployment of camera traps. The recorded data has been forwarded to analysts for comprehensive assessment, with the awaited verdict on any increase in the tiger population pending their analysis.

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