Assam Government Introduces Bill to Combat Harmful Healing Practices

Guwahati, 21st February: The Assam Government has presented the Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2024, in the state legislative assembly on Wednesday. State Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pijush Hazarika introduced the bill on behalf of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

The bill aims to promote social awareness and establish a safe, science-based environment to safeguard public health against harmful practices rooted in ignorance and ill-intent. It seeks to eradicate non-scientific healing methods used with the intention of exploiting unsuspecting individuals.

Section 3 of the bill grants the government the authority to prohibit evil or magical healing practices for the treatment of specific diseases and health disorders. Additionally, Section 4 enables the government to ban deceptive advertisements related to such practices.

Several significant sections within the proposed legislation are designed to combat inhumane, evil, or magical healing practices. Section 5 authorizes the government to impose penalties for engaging in or promoting such practices. Section 6 stipulates imprisonment for up to one year, extendable to three years, or a fine of Rs 50,000, or both.

Repeat offenders may face up to five years in prison or a fine of Rs 1 lakh, or both, according to the bill. Furthermore, Section 9 empowers the government to designate police officers as Vigilance officers, while Section 16 allows the government to establish rules for implementing the bill’s provisions.

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