Assam: Karimganj Sadar Police Crack Down on Theft Ring

Guwahati, 11th June: Karimganj Sadar Police achieved a notable success by apprehending three individuals suspected of involvement in a theft case that rattled the Santar Market community.

The suspects, identified as Altaf Hussain, Riyaz Uddin, and Manojit Chauhan, were swiftly arrested within the past 24 hours following a daring raid on the shops of seven small traders.

The incident unfolded when a gang of thieves targeted shops at The Santar Market in Karimganj, causing losses and unrest among local traders. Promptly responding to the situation, law enforcement authorities launched a meticulous search operation across various parts of the city.

In a coordinated effort, police teams tracked down and apprehended the suspects from different locations within the city limits. Altaf Hussain was nabbed near the Railwaygate area, Riyaz Uddin was apprehended at the PWD Market, and Manojit Chauhan was captured in Tillabazar, effectively halting their criminal activities.

Upon their arrest, police recovered a significant amount of stolen goods believed to be taken from the raided shops, providing relief to affected traders and restoring a sense of security within the community. This commendable operation underscores the commitment of Karimganj Sadar Police to maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of citizens.

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