Assam: Key Accused in Purabi Dairy Distributor Murder Case Killed in Police Encounter

Guwahati: The main suspect of Purabi dairy distributor Ranjit Bora muder case, Shah Alam Talukdar was killed in an encounter in Sonapur on February 17 after he escaped from police custody.

Talukdar escaped from police custody after he was being taken to the Botahghuli area in Guwahat by the Satgaon Police for conducting a search operation .

According to the police, he was in handcuff when he escaped from custody. Earlier on February 10 Alam attempted suicide in the lockup at the Dispur Police Station in Guwahati.

The primary suspect in the case is Shah Alam, a local of the Panjabari area where Ranjit Bora, a distributor of Purabi dairy products was murdered.

According to reports, Shah Alam attempted to kill himself using the sharp edges of a bucket. He tried to cut his nerves on the wrist.

One of the six accused in the case is Shah Alam. Five of the six have already been arrested.

The distributor of Purabi Diary Ranjit Bora was fatally shot while his route to a bank in Guwahati to make a deposit.

The incident occurred in Guwahati, Assam on Panjabari Road close to the Silpagram.

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