Assam: Murder Shocks Community in Guwahati’s Kala Hills

Guwahati, 6th June: In a horrifying incident, Sanjay Kanu, a resident of Owaisi Apartment in the hills of Kala Hills, Guwahati, allegedly strangled his wife, Sarita Kanu, to death on Tuesday night. The murder occurred while Sarita was on a call with her mother, informing her about her husband’s extramarital affair.

According to police reports, the tragic event unfolded when Sarita Kanu confided in her mother about her husband’s infidelity. During the call, Sanjay Kanu reportedly strangled his wife, abruptly cutting off the conversation. Following the act, Sanjay allegedly took Sarita’s phone and informed her mother that he had killed her.

Upon receiving this shocking information, Sarita’s mother immediately notified the police. Officers from the Fatashil Ambari police station arrived at the scene and discovered Sarita’s body. Sanjay Kanu was arrested the following day after a case was registered based on the FIR lodged by Sarita’s mother.

During interrogation, Sanjay Kanu confessed to the murder. Family members of Sarita have made serious accusations against Sanjay, alleging he had been involved in multiple illicit relationships and subjected Sarita to prolonged physical and mental abuse.

Sarita Kanu, the mother of two minor children, was handed over to her family after the completion of the post-mortem examination.

This brutal murder has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting issues of domestic violence and infidelity. Authorities are continuing their investigation to uncover more details surrounding the case.

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