Social Media Platform X Introduces New Adult Content Policy

International Desk, 6th June: In a recent policy update, the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has rolled out changes allowing users to share adult content under specific guidelines.

The updated ‘Adult Content’ policy, implemented in May 2024, permits users to share consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior, provided it is properly labeled and not prominently displayed. This update replaces X’s previous policies on ‘Sensitive Media and Violent Speech.’

X emphasizes the importance of content being consensually produced and distributed, stating that users should have the autonomy to engage with sexual themes as a form of artistic expression. The platform aims to balance freedom of expression with restrictions to protect children and users who opt not to view adult content.

To comply with the new policy, users who regularly post adult content are required to adjust their media settings so that all images and videos appear behind a content warning. X also allows users to add a one-time content warning on individual posts. Failure to mark posts appropriately may result in adjustments to account settings by X.

The company prohibits sharing adult content in highly visible places such as profile photos or banners and restricts access for underage users and users without a birth date in their profiles.

Adult content is defined as any material depicting adult nudity or sexual behavior that is consensually produced and distributed and intended to cause sexual arousal. This definition applies equally to artificial intelligence-generated content and photographic or animated content such as cartoons, hentai, or anime.

Users can report violations or appeal content strikes using X’s dedicated in-app reporting flow.

The introduction of this new policy reflects X’s commitment to balancing freedom of expression with responsible content moderation, ensuring a safer and more inclusive online environment for all users.

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