Assam: Mystery Surrounds Discovery of Unidentified Youth’s Body in Guwahati’s Azara Locality

Guwahati, 22nd May: In a grim discovery, Guwahati Police unearthed the body of an unidentified youth on Wednesday, stirring curiosity and concern within the local community. Reports indicate that the body was found nestled in the secluded Bangara Dangor Koitaxidhi area near the Borjhar Airport in Guwahati, adding a layer of mystery to the somber event.

As authorities grapple with the unfolding situation, the identity of the deceased youth remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving investigators with a perplexing puzzle to solve. Palashbari police swiftly responded to the scene, taking charge of the investigation and initiating efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding the untimely demise.

While speculation lingers, officials caution against premature conclusions, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive inquiry to ascertain the true cause of death. Until conclusive findings emerge, the enigmatic nature of this incident leaves the community on edge, awaiting answers amidst an atmosphere of uncertainty.

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