Assam: One arrested with Heroin in Karimganj

Guwahati, 3rd April: Law enforcement authorities, led by Superintendent of Police Parth Pratim Das, achieved a major breakthrough in the fight against narcotics trade as they intercepted a car near the Kaisthagram area in Cachar district, Karimganj.

During the operation, officials discovered a staggering 601.83 grams of heroin concealed within a hidden chamber of the vehicle. The car, registered under the number AS/10/G/0379, was reportedly traveling from Mizoram when it was halted by the authorities.

The apprehension of the car and the subsequent recovery of the heroin mark a crucial development in ongoing efforts to curb illegal narcotics trade in the region. The swift action taken by law enforcement underscores the commitment to combatting drug trafficking and ensuring the safety of the community.

The identity of the arrested individual remains undisclosed at this time, as investigations into the matter continue. The seizure of heroin, valued at crores of rupees, highlights the significant impact of this operation on disrupting the flow of narcotics into the area.

The incident occurred within the Patharkandi area, emphasizing the widespread reach of such illegal activities and the need for continued vigilance and enforcement measures to combat drug trafficking effectively.

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