Assam Power Minister Addresses Power Deficit Concerns

Guwahati 12th February: During the ongoing budget session of the assembly, Assam Power Minister Nandita Gorlosa responded to queries raised by Sivasagar MLA Akhil Gogoi regarding the state’s power deficit.

Gorlosa revealed that Assam’s power generation, primarily managed by the Assam Power Generation Corporation Limited (APGCL), only met 17 percent of the state’s overall power requirement. The remaining deficit was procured from other states.

Highlighting the statistics, Gorlosa stated that the total power demand for the year 2023 stood at 1,584 megawatts, with the peak hour demand reaching 2,540 megawatts during the same period.

To address the shortfall, Gorlosa outlined the government’s efforts to initiate six additional power projects aimed at meeting the state’s entire power requirement. Once completed, these projects are expected to contribute a total power output of 814.5 watts. The minister assured that all projects are scheduled for completion by 2027 at the latest.

In response to Gogoi’s inquiry, Gorlosa announced that Assam is set to receive 25 megawatts of power free of cost from the Lower Subansiri Hydro Power Project in Arunachal Pradesh. Additionally, an agreement has been formalized between both states for Assam to procure an additional 208 megawatts from the same power project, further bolstering the state’s power supply.

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