Assam Rifles Arrested Two Myanmar Nationals in Mizoram With Explosives

Guwahati: Assam Rifles and the Customs Department jointly conducted an operation in Mizoram and seized a significant amount of explosives on January 16.

The united search team was able to recover warlike supplies, including explosives, during the operation. During the operation, two people from Myanmar were arrested.

100 detonators and 8 rolls of detonating cable are among the recovered goods.

The Customs Department, LCS Champhai and police received the seized goods and the arrested people in preparation for further legal action.

It is important to note that the recent increase in the number of Myanmarese refugees is due to the military junta in Myanmar’s increased attacks on civilians.

Burmese nationals have previously been held for a variety of offences.

Prior to this, on January 13, five people, including one citizen of Myanmar, were detained together with a large shipment of suspected heroin outside of Luimawi, Mizoram.

According to reports, on January 13, acting on a specific technical tip the CID (SB) Ops team and Kanhmun PS (Mamit District) stopped a truck being driven by Lalrinfela (35) of Zotlang, Aizawl, outside of Luimawi, Mamit District and seized 1.161 kg (89 soap cases) of heroin which is worth more than Rs 5.8 crores on the black market.

The aforementioned driver arrested along with four other accused individuals: Lalsangkima (39), Lalfelpuia (35), Sanglianthawn (36), and Lalrinchhana (32). They are all from Ramrikawn Aizawl, Ramrikawn, Aizawl and Pyinkhonegyi, Myanmar.

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