Five Assam Girls Arrested in Madhya Pradesh for Involvement in sex Trafficking

Guwahati: As many as five girls from Assam were arrested for their suspected involvement in a sex trade in Madhya Pradesh.

In addition to the five girls who were arrested, the owner and manager of the spa centre were also arrested after the police conducted a raid there.

According to reports, the accused manager lives in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.

According to the women’s station in charge Rita Singh, the Crystal Spa Center was raided on Friday, January 14, in the Makronia area of Sagar as a result of many allegations that a sex ring was operating under the pretence of a spa.

‘’Here 5 girls have been arrested during the raid,’’ she added.
As per reports, a policeman was sent as a customer after receiving the complaint. He had earlier talked about massage, but later also talked about providing a girl. A police team arrived at the location as soon as the prostitution was confirmed.

According to reports, the manager of the spa who was arrested lives in Churhat, Rewa. He only recently moved to Sagar where he opened a spa centre in a rented home. In a few days, a sex racket that seemed to be a spa began operating.

The women’s found in the spa centre are from Assam and Benga. One female out of the five girls is minor.

During interrogation, she admitted to come to Sagar barely four months prior and worked at the spa centre during questioning. She received Rs 15000 in exchange for her services.

Reportedly, the girls admitted that in addition to the Rs. 1500 that the clients used to give them they also received an additional Rs 1000.

The cost of a full night’s service would frequently increase to Rs 5000.

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