Traveller Ramps Into Parked Truck in Assam’s Morigaon, 13 Injured

Guwahati: A traveller carrying 17 devotees rammed into a parked truck due to low visibility on Monday morning in Morigaon district of Assam.

According to reports, the incident took place while the devotees were returning from Parshuram Kund.

All the injured people were immediately taken to Morigaon Civil Hospital.

The injured devotees who were taken to the hospital were identified as Krishna Maya, Bhagirathi, Devi Maya, Bhadrita Devi, Nirmala Adhikari, Indra Prasad, Gobin Acharya, Nikita Upadhya and Namita.

Meanwhile, one devotee died due to severe injuries after being admitted to the hospital and another died on his way to Guwahati for advance medical treatment. The deceased have been identified as Suman Sharma and Bhupal Adhikari.

The others who sustained severe injuries were referred to Guwahati for better medical treatment.

The devotees were residents of Noonmati.

It has been determined that the accident happened as a result of poor visibility caused by dence fog.

Assam has been experiencing poor morning visibility for the past few days as a result of heavy fog. The state also experienced a dip in temperature in the early morning and evening.

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