Assam Shocker: Dibrugarh doctor attacked, Ear Chopped Off  

Guwahati: Another shocking incident involving criminals attacking a doctor occurred in Assam.

Two miscreants allegedly attacked a young doctor at his residence in Boiragimath of Dibrugarh on Tuesday.

The victim doctor identified as Gitartha Saikia.

As per reports, Gitartha was beaten black and blue by two assailants and then escaped from the scene while the doctor was still unconscious.

Reportedly, the victim suffered severe head, limb, and ear injuries.

Currently, the victim is undergoing treatment.

Following the incident, an FIR has been filed regarding the case. After filing a report, the police have not yet taken any action against the crime’s perpetrators, which has caused great outrage among the populace.

Shocked at the incident that took place during her absence, the victim’s mother while speaking to the media said, “I was not at home when the incident took place. I only got to know about this from my husband who said that two boys came asking for my son Gitartha. My husband who mentioned about Gitartha present at home, invited the two boys inside. The boys declined the offer and insisted my husband to call Gitartha outside instead. When my son came out near the gate, one of the two boys was trying to speak to my son when another attacked Gitartha at the back leaving him unconscious instantly. The two continued to beat my son black and blue even after he remained unconscious outside the gate. The two came with the intention to murder my son. One of them who called out my son has been identified as Rajdeep Gohain while the other who beat my son mercilessly has been identified as Devraj Borgohain. My son who also sings and recently released a son alleged that the two boys attacked him because he replied to a girl’s comment on social media which infuriated one of the two boys”

“Such heinous crimes have never occurred before in Bairagimath. Forget Bairagimath, such incidents have never occurred in Dibrugarh district as well. When for the first such incident took place right within the boundary of our house and attacked our son, a doctor by profession, we condemn such incidents. I am his relative and would urge the police to take necessary legal action against the perpetrators and disclose the names of the assailants involved in the incident. I also urge the police and local administration to take necessary steps to strengthen the safety and security efforts”, said the relative of Gitartha. 

It needs to be mentioned that Gitartha Saikia is doing an internship as a doctor in Majuli.

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