Guwahati: Husband, In-Laws Arrested for Torturing Woman in Palasbari

Guwahati: The husband and in-laws of a woman who had been tortured were arrested in the Palasbari area of Guwahati on Tuesday.

Reports claim that while the woman gave birth five days ago, her husband and in-laws used to torture her in exchange for dowry.

The accused have been identified as her husband Samin Das, father-in-law Sukleswar Das and mother-in-law Runu Das.

The incident which was reported in the Palashbari area of Nahira Guimara went viral over social media platforms, with many users calling for the offenders to face harsh punishment.

The woman was found by the police yesterday with her hands bound, blood stains on her clothing, and injuries all over her body, including a severe head injury.

It was revealed that the family had been requesting dowry from the victim’s family ever since their wedding.

Her in-laws began physically abusing her when her family refused to pay their dowry demands.

She was brought to the hospital where she is receiving treatment after being discovered in such a terrible condition.

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