Assam’s CM Inaugurates Jorpukhuri Park in Uzanbazar, Guwahati

Guwahati: The chief minister of Assam himanta Biswa Sarma inaugurated the Jorpukhuri Park at Uzanbazar in Guwahati on Friday.

The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) constructed the park with a cost of  Rs. 3.23 crore.

The ancient Jorpukhuri of Uggratara Devalay has received a makeover along with the park.

Inaugurating the park, the chief minister said, “Swargadeo Shiva Singha has dug the ponds so that the Uggratara Devalaya does not face any water crisis. These ponds have been given a new look with the funds of Amrit scheme of Central government and GMDA.”

He also gave the administration instructions to keep an eye on the area to prevent it from becoming a commercial area.

Meanwhile, the park has been built to draw tourists to the area. Additionally, the ponds have been cleaned and the administration has taken action to protect the pond fish.

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