Assam’s Dhubri Constituency Leads in Voter Turnout

Guwahati, 26th May: Assam’s Dhubri constituency has emerged as a standout performer in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, boasting a remarkable voter turnout of 92.08 per cent in the first five phases.

Notably, Barpeta and Nagaon constituencies have also secured positions among the top 10 areas with robust voter participation, recording turnouts of 85.24 per cent and 84.97 per cent, respectively.

Assam witnessed electoral action across three phases, with voter enthusiasm steadily increasing. The first phase on April 19 saw a turnout of 78.25 per cent, followed by 77.35 per cent in the second phase on April 26. The third phase on May 7 witnessed an impressive surge in voter engagement, reaching 81.71 per cent.

Dhubri and Barpeta made their mark during phase three on May 7, while Nagaon set the tone in the second phase on April 26.

With approximately 2.6 million eligible voters registered in Dhubri, an astounding 2.45 million exercised their democratic right, showcasing exceptional civic engagement. Despite challenges, voters from the riverine regions of Dhubri navigated the Brahmaputra River by boats to reach polling stations, demonstrating unwavering commitment to their voting rights.

The surge in voter turnout in Dhubri can be attributed to demographic shifts, particularly after the inclusion of several Muslim-majority belts in the constituency. The emergence of contenders like Rakibul Hussain and increased youth participation signals a shifting political landscape towards regional outfits.

In contrast, Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar constituency reported the lowest turnout at 38.48 per cent, followed by Bihar’s Nawada at 43.17 per cent.

The top 10 constituencies with the highest voter turnouts include Dhubri, Nagaon, and Barpeta from Assam, along with Lakshadweep and six constituencies from Andhra Pradesh, highlighting the diverse electoral landscape across India.

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