Assam’s Polygamy Ban Has Politicians in a Tizzy! Find Out Why!

Guwahati, 14th September: The formation of a committee to draft legislation banning polygamy and related issues by the Assam government has sparked mixed reactions among politicians in the state.

AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam expressed skepticism, suggesting that the BJP is pursuing this move for political reasons ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He mentioned that the party’s stance on polygamy would be determined after reviewing the proposed bill. Aminul Islam also suggested that provisions should be included to allow a man to marry another woman if his first wife is critically ill and consents to the marriage.

Islam further called for the introduction of an anti-rape bill to protect women, girls, and children, highlighting the need for more comprehensive legislation.

In contrast, state minister and BJP leader Pijush Hazarika welcomed the legislation to ban polygamy, emphasizing that it would create a more favorable environment for women in the state. He expressed confidence in the committee’s ability to provide a comprehensive framework for the law.

The committee, chaired by Devajit Lon Saikia, Advocate General of Assam, includes members from various sectors and will consider public suggestions, review petitions against the legislation, and potentially meet with the Chairman of the Law Commission. The move demonstrates the Assam government’s commitment to addressing issues related to polygamy and inter-religious marriages, but it has sparked political debates and differing opinions on the matter.

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