ATA threatens to launch non-cooperation movement over unmet demands

Guwahati: The Arunachal Teachers’ Association (ATA) on January 19 threatened to launch a non-cooperation protest during the Central Board of Secondary Examinations if the government did not meet its demands.

The state government has been ordered by the teachers’ union to “completely split” the elementary directorate and the secondary directorate down to the block level.

The association further claimed that on January 19, it delivered a message to the Chief Minister pleading with the state government to change the requirements for hiring all classes of workers for the two directorates.

As per the statement, further demanded that no appointment should be done in the posts of district adult education officer, assistant project officer, and block education officer.

The group additionally requested that the government reconsider the ISSE bylaw and the positions of deputy state project director and state project director (ISSE), adding that ”The posts should be inducted from the parent department.”

The Arunachal Teachers’ Association also called for the quick rehabilitation and construction of all outdated school facilities, including teacher’s quarters, as well as an increase in earned leave from 10 to 20 days.

The association also lamented the government’s silence and charged that, despite repeated requests, it has done nothing to address our problems.

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