Bharatiya Janata Party’s President J P Nadda: Launched the Party’s Manifesto ‘Vijay Sankalp’ in Guwahati

Four Days Ahead of the First Phase of the Assam Assembly Elections, Bharatiya Janata Party’s President J P Nadda on Tuesday launched the Party’s Manifesto ‘Vijay Sankalp’ in Guwahati. The Party has come up with “Ten Commitments” to the State that BJP will implement if the coalition is Vote to Power for a Second term. JP Nadda releasing the Party manifesto lauded the efforts of NDA Government and said the party has been _“working tirelessly for last Five years to develop Assam under the Leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, supported by Home Minister Amit Shah and the vision implemented at the grassroots level by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, BJP State President Ranjit Dass and Cabinet Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma”._ “We have been able to give that push to the inclusive development of Assam as whole, we have gained momentum of Vikas and we are now ready to take a big leap for the Next Five years again,” Nadda said. “New Avenues have opened up for the State to grow in the Last Five years and we have had one motto to strengthen the Jati, Meti and Veti of the State,” Nadda claimed, adding, “We have been committed towards preserving the culture of the state and ensure the safety of the State as well”.


1. Mission Brahmaputra: New scientific approaches will be adopted to stop flood situations across the state and save the livelihood of people. Dredging will be done from Dhubri to Sadiya and build reservoirs to store excess water from Brahmaputra and its tributaries.
2. Empower Assam’s Women: Orunodoi payments, which are now Rs 830/month will be increased to Rs 3,000/month. 30 lakh deserving families will be brought under coverage of the scheme. The enhanced amount of Rs 3,000/month will open new avenues for making women self-reliant and empowering Assam.
3. To strengthen and protect Namghars and Satras: A Task Force will be formed to recover lands of Satras and places of worship of tribal communities from illegal encroachments. To strengthen Namghars and places of worship of the tribal communities, grants in aid of upto Rs 2.5 lakh to these institutes will be provided.
4. A bright future for Assam’s Children: Free education of every child under ‘Mission Bala Unnayan’ in state government run institutions will be given. Free bicycles to all school students from Class 8 onwards will be provided.
5. To protect Assam’s rights through corrected NRC: A process of correction and reconciliation of entries under the SC mandated NRC will be initiated in a structured manner to protect genuine Indian citizens and exclude all illegal immigrants.
6. Safeguard Assam’s political rights through Delimitation Exercise: Commitment to carry out a Delimitation exercise to protect the political rights of the people of Assam.
7. To make Assam self sufficient in production of essential produce: Assam Aahar Atmanirbharta Yojana will be launched which will drive the state towards self sufficiency in essential food items within the next 5 years.
8. To become India’s Fastest Job Creator: 2 lakh Government jobs will be provided to the youth of Assam. Of these, 1 lakh jobs will be immediately provided before 31st March, 2022. BJP will also facilitate and enable the provision of 8 lakh livelihoods in the private sector.
9. Promote Further Entrepreneurship: The BJP has enabled youths to shine and now the new pledge is to further empower them to dream big, scale newer heights and give them the push to become stakeholders in building an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.
10. To empower Assam’s citizens with Land Rights: We will distribute Land pattas with requisite rights, to all landless Indian citizens of the state in a phased manner. In the last 5 years, BJP claims to have given land rights to more than 3 lakh people. It further commits to give Land Pattas to all landless Indian citizens of Assam.

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