BJP National Prez JP Nadda: PM Modi enthusiastic about the solution to Naga political issue

Guwahati: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president JP Nadda stated on February 14 that PM Modi is highly enthused about the resolution of the Naga political crisis.

Addressing a presser on the NDPP-BJP campaign launch, the national president said, “Five years back Nagaland was known for bandhs, road blockades and insurgency and targeted killing among others.”

Nadda asserted that during the past five years of stability, Nagaland has seen the construction of at least 12 new airstrips.

“You see after 5 years what Nagaland will become and what opportunity the Nagaland will get for tourism,” said Nadda.

Nadda explained that the AFSPA’s decline as a sign that Naga people are integrating into society and moving in the direction of progress.

Asserting to form the next government in Nagaland, JP Nadda said, “PM Modi is concerned about the solution of the Naga political issue and Amit Shah has tirelessly worked with chief minister Rio and Y Patton.”

According to Nadda, the solution has reached its climax and will now go forward in the proper path.

Speaking on behalf of East Nagaland, JP Nadda said that the matter had been discussed and that the Home Minister’s promises will be kept in letter and spirit.

“BJP is a national party and we understand our national commitments with regional asperation,” Nadda said.

Furthermore, JP Nadda asserted that chief minister Rio’s leadership resulted in the formation of a stable government, which has since become a haven for peace, progress, and prosperity.

According to Nadda, the public today influences policy for the stable, powerful Nagaland.

The BJP government has set aside Rs 3235 crores for Nagaland’s roadways in terms of improving road infrastructure.

The saffron party has considered funding Nagaland’s ayurvedic colleges along with a $100 million investment.

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