Bondona Kalita Sent to 6-Day Police Custody

Guwahati: The Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Court on Wednesday remanded Bondona Kalita, the prime accused in the murder-simulator of Shraddha Walker, to police custody for an additional six days.

Bondona was brought before the CJM court earlier today in connection with the double cold-blooded murders in Guwahati and the police requested her detention for seven days.

Bondona was kept in custody for an extra six days after her initial four-day police detention period concluded today.

She was returned to Panbazar’s All Women Police Station after appearing before the court.

Meanwhile, her two accomplices, Arup Deka and Dhanjit Deka, were sent to seven-day police custody. Currently, they are under the police custody of Noonmati Police Station.

It should be noted that Bondona Kalita is the prime accused, having planned the murders of her husband and mother-in-law with the assistance of the two other suspects.

The mother-son pair was killed, their bodies were cut up, and the pieces were placed in a refrigerator for three days before the trio went on a killing rampage in Meghalaya, disposing of the body parts.

In a statement to the media following the shocking incident that has made headlines across the globe this week, Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta Barah stated that Bondona Kalita first reported her mother and son missing on August 29. Then, on November 21, her mother-in-nephew law’s filed a second complaint at the Noonmati Police Station.

“Bondona had lodged the complaint after meeting with the DIG (CID) who passed on the case to us for proper investigation,” said Diganta Barah adding, “After that we brought Bondona Kalita under the ambit of the probe.”

The Guwahati Commissioner of Police further said, “Amarjyoti and Bondona had married 12 years ago. The duo had married without the consent of their families. Amarjyoti’s lifestyle was different from Bondona. He had many female friends, which frequently led to arguments between the couple. This further led to a strain in their married life.”

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