Boy at the Age Of 5 Climbed Three mountains in England

A boy name Jackson Krijcik  who is 5 years old from England’s Lancashire, climbed three mountains and made a world record.

Jackson Krijcik, who is just 5 years old had completed the climb of three mountains by covering a distance of seven thousand feet in 12 hours. With this he has become the first person in the world to cover the longest distance.

The Mountain that he climbed lie in the Penwai Range, together they are called the Peaks of Yorkshire. It was told that Jackson not only covered a distance of seven thousand feet while climbing up, but he also covered the same distance while going back.

The little guy has recorded  his reach at Wrenside, which is 2415 feet, Ingleborough at 2372 feet and Penny Ghent at 2277 feet. Not only this two years ago Jackson also made history by climbing the three highest mountain in Britain.

Seeing his success Jackson father is very proud and happy. He also said that whatever he had done is unbelievable.

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